Recently, amid slowing down economic growth in developing countries and sluggish economic recovery in developed countries, the global steel market falls more into a quagmire. To get through the hard times, the steel industry needs to re-balance its capacity, product mix and investment, etc. to the market, the up and down stream sectors, and the society with revolutionary technology and management innovations.

  The 9th China International Steel Congress will bring together leaders of the world steel industry to share their insight and experience in management and technological innovation and elaborate on the sustainable future of steel. Main topics of the congress include: The Steel Vision 2020, Globalization and Consolidation, Internet+ and Financialization, and Green and Intelligent Manufacturing.

  The congress will consist of a Plenary Session and several Technical Seminars with the Plenary Session focusing on strategic issues and the Technical Seminars, held in conjunction with Metal + Metallurgy Expo 2016, presenting innovative technologies in steel production and use.

  China International Steel Congress, organized by CISA and MC-CCPIT once every two years, is a high-level conference focusing on the profound, overall and strategic issues facing the steel industry. Since its birth in 2000, the congress has successfully held for eight times and has become one of the most important steel events in the world.


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